Here is where you will see the community wide rules, as well as game or server related rules if their are any.

General Rules

1. No spam. You know how much is too much.

2, No pornography, nudity or PDA in any of the chats, or in your avatar. If you wanna share your favorite octopus video, you're gonna have to keep it in your dm's.

3. Do not have the Discord option "Do not disturb" on. Instead, make it so Discord only notifies you when someone mentions you, or keep it default.

Contenet creators are exempt from this rule, but we ask that you don't have it on all the time.

4. Do not harass other members. the "playing around" stops when they ask you to stop.

5. Do not cuss, use suggestive language, or post any sort of content in any pg-13 chats that wouldn't be considered pg-13.

6. No selling or buying in clan/alliance chats if there is an in-game market or trading chat.

7. Do not create clans under the GHGN name unless you are of the rank of administrator or above in the website or Discord.

Everyone gets three strikes. for every strike obtained, you will be temporarily kicked from the Discord server for however long a moderator, admin, and onward decides. If a fourth strike is obtained, you will be banned from the server until someone of the rank of community manager or higher allows you back in.