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Ember Prime from Warframe

About Ironheart

Ironheart Gaming is an upcoming multi-platform gaming community that strives to bring players together. Ironheart isn't your average community,however, because we plan to go above and beyond the casual community standards. First we start with your clans and guilds to bring people together, then we move to our own servers with cool community-only perks, and last but not least, we'll move to making our own games, or wherever else the community goes! We hope that you see the future of our community as brightly as we do. If you're interested in being a part of the Ironheart family, click on the "joining" button towards the top of the page, and if you want to help our community grow, click on either the "donate" or "Patreon" buttons. Every little bit helps!


For business inquiries or further questions, contact the head of Ironhear Gaming, Michael Baylard at Mabaylard@gmail.com